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Wax Tip: Pepsi Challenge

Race day waxing can be hectic, so rest easy the night before the Pepsi Challenge by waxing in advance.  Above, the author helps classic racers at the Mora Vasaloppet apply the klister of the day.

Following is the Cyclova XC Racing Service Wax tip for the 3 major wax brands of the region. Note that these are not officially endorsed wax tips by the wax companies, rather these are tips that I have personally created based on my 11+ years of professional experience in creating race wax tips.

Event:  Pepsi Challenge at Giant's Ridge Ski Resort, near Biwabik, MN.

When:  10k, 24k, & 50k skate and classic events starting between 9:30 & 10:15AM on Saturday, 22 January

Forecast & Conditions:  Overnight low of about -15F with a temp of about -10'F at the start.  Daytime high will be in the low to mid single digits.  The snow temp will be very cold.  Expect machined track conditions with a mix of old and new snow.

Ski Flex:  Moderately flexed ski for machined conditions

Glide Wax Tips:
Fast Wax:  HS-10 Teal, Scrape, Brush, HS-10 Teal, Scrape, Brush, HS-0 White, Scrape, Brush
Swix:  CH-4, Scrape, Brush, CH-4, Scrape, Brush, CH-4 / CH-3 mix (1:1 ratio), Scrape, Brush
Toko:  System 3 Blue, Scrape, Brush, LF Moly / LF Blue mix (1:2 ratio) , Scrape, Brush, LF Blue / Cold Powder mix (1:1 ratio), scrape, brush
Pre Race Tip:  A few minutes prior to start and after your skis have been outside in the cold for a while, brush your skis with a fine nylon polishing brush.  This will ensure your skis are flying right from the start!

Grip Wax Tips:
Swix:  Roughen grip zone with 180 grit sandpaper.  Apply VG35 Base Binder, iron, and smoothen with cork.  Apply 5 layers VR-30 thoroughly corking each layer.  For skiers needing more grip, use 3 layers VR-40 covered with 1 layer VR-30.
Toko:  Roughen grip zone with 180 grit sandpaper.  Apply Base Green iron, and smoothen with cork.  Apply 3 layers Carbon Mint thoroughly corking each layer.  For skiers needing more grip, use 2 layers Carbon White covered with 1 layer Carbon Mint.

Have fun and see you out there!


  1. I just got this message from the race office:

    Very likely we`ll be looking at a one hour delay with the classic starting at 10:30AM and the Skate at 11AM. The plus side is that there is so much climbing (Silver, Gold), that you`ll stay nice and warm!

  2. Thanks for posting your wax recommendations tonight! I am just about to go buy wax at Finn Sisu!

  3. I'm glad that this wax tip was helpful! Stay tuned for more wax tips for the coming major races of the season.


    Frank L - Cyclova XC