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Birkie Fever!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we're getting there aren't we?

As the Birkie approaches, this is always an emotional time of year.  For many of us, this is the weekend we plan the whole year around, and ironically our whole purpose is that the Birkie passes as quickly as possible!  I remember doing a marathon a couple years ago where a guy was screaming into a megaphone how everybody needed to slow down and get "their money's worth!"

The above image is the finish line in Hayward, a sight most of us are going to be craving for 50 or 54 (depending on if you're doing skate or classic) grueling KM.

The above image is from the beautiful day we had last year.  I've included a couple more just to get that old Birkie Fever flowing.  Wow...we sure had a beautiful day one year ago, I hope we have another one this coming Saturday!

Best of luck Birkie Skiers!

1 comment:

  1. See you all at the starting line, I'll be ready to go!! Birkie Fever, I'm a true believer!!