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Birkie Snow Watch Has Begun!

It's that time of year again!  The time of year where we find ourselves waking up with night sweats over whether or not there is going to be a Birkie.  Over the last few days here in Chippewa Falls, we've had temperatures consistently up in the mid forties and even low fifties.  Suffice it to say that the local snow cover has been disintegrating rapidly.

However, although the snow is in a terrible state here, the fact is that it's essentially a whole different climate zone up in Hayward.  I don't know if Highway 8 is some sort of mystical force field, but the second you cross that threshold it's almost as if you're arrived at the arctic circle.  In fact, if any of you wonderful CyclovaXC readers happen to be living up in the Hayward area, would you mind taking a snapshot of the local scenery and sending it my way at Cyclovaxc at gmail dot com?  I want to see all that marvelous white stuff!

As you can see above, I grabbed the forcast for the next few days up in Hayward.  For the most part it's acceptable, with days below freezing, but Thursday is something of a concern.  Even the forty degree day wouldn't be so bad, but the fact that the forecast says rain should have all the skiers out there tossing and turning.

Warm weather kills ski trails, but it's a slow death.  Rain makes ski trails evaporate overnight.

Well, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best.  Remember, it's not without precedent that we get a major blizzard on or before Birkie day.  Don't fret too much yet!

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