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Birkie Trail Map

I took this picture on my very first ski of the year which was back in early December I think.  I'd heard there was snow on the Birkie trail, so I jumped into my bruised and battered Subaru sport and made the long and lonesome drive up to Cable to jump on "OO."  I skied for 2 hours on a 4 km loop, and I haven't been able to get back to the Birkie trail since.


Normally that's a recipe for disaster, but I'm hoping the fact that I did the Pepsi Challenge is going to save me when I hit those horrible Powerline hills (at this point there's not reason to worry about it since the training is done and it's just a waiting game).

Anyway, on that first ski of the year I snapped this image of the ski trail map that was rising from the earth at one of the trail junctions.  There are all kinds of trails up at "OO" these days.  It's a skiing Mecca!

Actually, I have to give a shout out now to the groomers at "OO."  My mom mentioned that she had been skiing up there on two different occasions and the groomer took the time to pull up next to her, open his door and tell her where the trail had set up the best.  Honestly, if I was out grooming the trail, I doubt I'd be stopping to chit-chat with skiers.  It's totally awesome that they do this!

Well, we'll all be appreciating their handiwork soon, so I'm glad they just got another big dump of snow to mold into beautiful corduroy perfection!

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