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Don't Staple your GUs--Use a Safety Pin

Here's a veteran move that I thought all of you should know in light of all the marathons that are coming up.

For a long time, people have thought it's a good idea to staple their GU packets to their bibs.  In theory, it seems like a great plan.  You grab your bib, give it a quick staple, and off you go!  But in actual practice, stapling your GU packets kind of sucks.

The reason?

The staples just don't hold the packets in place the way they should.  I remember stapling my GUs one time and having the GUs fall off before I even got to the starting line.  I don't know, maybe I just have a bad stapler, but it only took about one or two utter stapled GU disasters for me to switch permanently to another method.


Folks, you will NEVER have a GU packet fall off your bib if you safety pin it in place.  Staples have the further disadvantage of leaving little sharp ends on the back that can dig into the fabric of your ski suit...that won't happen with safety pins.

Honestly, I don't recommend putting your GUs on your bib either, I think you're much better off safety pinning them to your water bottle carrier.  When you put them on your bib, they bang against your chest for the whole race.

Oh, and get all of this safety pin/GU work done the night before.  It keeps your hands occupied while you try to burn off that extra energy (you need something to's not like you'll be sleeping before the Birkie).

1 comment:

  1. I attach my GU packets to the belt of my H2O holder. The first year I did it I had the sharp end of the staples pointing in. Needless to say throughout the race the staples were irritating, scratching, and poking my mid section. It sucked. What I learned...make sure the staples point outward.