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Foreign Brushes

I was over at Lindsley's house waxing my skis and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this brush. As you all know (at least those of you who read this page on a daily basis and have done so for more than a year), Lindsley went over to Falun, Sweden last year along with Landgraf to race in the Master's World Championships.  At the time I thought it was sort of hilarious because only a skier from Wisconsin would take a vacation in mid-January and go to a place where it's even COLDER with even MORE snow!

Anyway, while there, Lindsley found himself without a ski brush, so he bought the one in the above photo for the bargain price of 100 Kr (whatever that means...also note that the brush is "extra pris"...which kind of sounds like something on a menu Charlie Sheen would order from).

There was also some story that Lindsley mentioned about everybody plugging their awesome waxing irons into outlets that were wired for 220 or 440 or 1000 only to have them all spout out the dreaded white smoke of electrical death.


These are things that you have to consider when traveling internationally and skiing!  It's awesome to have collections of equipment with weird labels and price tags in foreign currency on them.  That's half the draw of skiing for me.

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