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Krenz At Badger State (Go Packers!)

Well, this morning at 6 bells as I got up to get dressed and head over to Badger State games...I remembered everything but my camera.  It was especially painful because I elected to do the 21k and I was the last to go so I would have had plenty of time to get awesome action shots of everybody on the team.

As it was, I had to placate myself by snapping the best shots I could with my blackberry, which actually takes surprisingly good photos all things considered.  Anyway, I believe this is Krenz going like crazy here at the start of the 42k classic...he's making the tremendous effort because he has located one of the last of the infamous "bronze" Riverbrook suits that he wants to bury in a hole and burn.

Badger State was awesome!  There were a lot of friendly faces from the old Riverbrook days!  Bit by bit they're falling to the CyclovaXC magic, and I'm pretty sure they'll all be resplendent in CyclovaXC gear in the next year or two!

Also present was a dude doing the race in a #80 Donald Driver jersey.  As I came by him, I told him to save some energy for tomorrow, and to be sure to catch a late flight to Dallas!  I'm sure all of you are looking forward to huddling around the TV, kicking back a few brewskies and screaming "Go Pack Go!" (I've been screaming that at the top of my lungs for the last six weeks...the only place I wasn't kicked out of was Farm and Fleet...I love that place).

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