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Lindsley and Landgraf Hitting it at Badger

I didn't even realize that Lindsley was in this photo until I zoomed in on it. I was focused on Landgraf, and I'd picked him out because of our awesome Lime Green hats.

Look everybody, you really need to stop doubting my fashion choices.  The whole point of us having a lime green hat is because it makes our skiers easier to spot in the crowd, which is the whole point!  Dudes that are there to take pictures for internationally renowned magazines are just going to gravitate towards us, it's a scientifically proven fact...so wear your Lime green hat!

I'm still irritated with myself for forgetting my good camera, but something is better than nothing, and this picture is cool because it kind of looks like both Lindsley and Landgraf's skis are completely off the ground!  That's why they're so fast!

Badger State games is awesome, that's definitely on the list for now and all years to come.  In addition to being tremendously run, it's also a lot cheaper than just about any other race this weekend!

What's coming up next?  Pre-Birkie?

Oh, and don't forget to send in any pictures you might have from other races last weekend, the schedule appeared to be stoked!

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  1. Pre-Birkie baby!! Always tougher than the Birkie