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Lindsley Launches Himself at the Fridtjof Nansen

This picture is nice because you can see 4 CyclovaXC members in the frame, Allan, Katie, Steve and myself.  Zulma took this picture and I wanted to write about it a couple weeks ago, but you know how it goes.

David also showed up at this race, as did Kathie, so it was a pretty nice CyclovaXC turn out.  The club is pretty much on schedule to repeat what we used to do back in the good old days with Riverbrook.  It's always fun when you show up to an event and there are like thirty people hanging around with your same gear on.  Ski marathons can be a little bit lonely and intimidating if you're standing around waiting for them to start all by yourself (all while watching the thermometer hover around 5 degrees). 

Lindsley even gave me a pair of skis to use in this race which was awesome (that's another positive thing about having your buddies around raises the odds of skiing on rocket ships).

Next weekend is Badger State and City of Lakes and I'm kind of leaning towards Badger State since my mom is heading down that way and can pick me up on the way.  Hope to see all of you out there!

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