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On the Road to the Pepsi Challenge

Here's Frank on the way up to the Pepsi challenge.  You probably remember watching our awesome video from a couple weeks ago.  Anyway, in this picture, Frank is recovering from chowing down on a egg and sausage plastic gut bomb with extra grease that he procured from a nearby Holiday gas station.

I guess it's partially my fault since I wanted to just sleep in and eat Mickey's donuts for breakfast instead of go look for some decent eggs somewhere.  Frank went along with the idea, but as we were leaving, we decided to stop at the Holiday and Frank emerged a moment later with one of those plastic wrapped monstrosities that was already soaked through and transparent.

"Man, this is going to be good!" he smiled as he gobbled it up.

The guy's stomach is cast iron.  

It reminds me of the time back in Ashland when I accompanied Frank as he did the Whistlestop marathon. In the morning, Frank ate the Gut-buster super special with extra sausage. I just chuckled as he chowed it down, and then I leaped into the car to try and catch the moment where Frank would be hunched over in a ditch bringing it back up.

Alas the moment never came.

Sigh...why can't my stomach be like that?

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