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SKI TECH: Structure Profile of the Cold Super Fine Stonegrind

A close up image of the Cyclova XC Racing Service Cold Super Fine Stonegrind Structure - photos don't do it justice...

If you ski or race in areas where people routinely question your sanity for going out in the extreme cold, you should consider having skis stoneground with the Cold Super Fine structure.

The primary challenge in getting skis to glide in extremely cold & dry snow is dry friction.  Extreme cold dry snow is very sharp and abrasive.  Furthermore, a gliding ski generally isn't able to create the microscopic thin lubricating layer of moisture known as "melt caps" which normally allow a ski to glide fast.  For much more on what actually happens as a ski glides over snow, check out THIS ARTICLE.

So, part of the solution to maximizing glide in extreme cold is to have as fine of a structure as possible on the ski base.  An extreme fine structure has minimal "hills and valleys" and is close to being "flat".  The result is less surface area of the base in contact with the snow, which in dry friction conditions, is a key to optimizing glide.

Another consideration in extreme cold is that what little lubricating moisture or "melt caps" you are able to create under the ski - you want to stay under your ski.  Therefore, any structure should be linear, allowing moisture to run down the length of the ski and enhancing the skis glide.

These considerations are the foundation of the Cyclova XC Racing Service "Cold Super Fine" Stonegrind Structure.  There simply is not a faster structure available anywhere that glides better than the Cold Super Fine grind in extreme cold conditions.

The reason that this structure is unique to Cyclova XC Racing Service is that our Customized Wintersteiger Micro 100 machine has a broader range of parameter settings when cutting new structures into the stone (specifically, the stone can spin 30% faster than just about any other machine out there), yeilding a structure 30% finer than just about any stonegrind available.

Following are some details around what makes the Cold Super Fine grind untouchable in extreme cold, dry conditions:
  • Pattern:  The Cold Super Fine Grind is an ultra fine linear pattern cut into the stone by a Nordic specific, custom tuned Wintersteiger dressing diamond.  The stone is dressed while spinning at an astounding 1300 rpm's. To ensure this structure is as fine as possible, I dress the stone twice without advancing the diamond.  This pattern ends up being extremely fine and close to a flat, mirror-like finish. 
  • Depth:  The Cold Super Fine grind is an ultra shallow structure cut by the above mentioned diamond.  This in effect minimizes the surface area of the ski base and dramatically reduces dry friction in extreme cold/dry snow conditions.
  • Gauge:  Ultra fine.  As with the Pattern and Depth, the gauge of the Cold Super Fine grind is ultra fine.  Any visible structure pattern is so fine, it is almost hard to distinguish and is as close to a mirror like finish as you can get on a healthy ski base. 
  • Quiver Optimization:  If you have a quiver of skis dedicated to different conditions and ski in extreme cold conditions, you'll definitely want the Cold Super Fine Grind on a pair of skis dedicated to soft, new snow conditions.  In many areas of the country (especially the Midwest), the temperature will plummet after a snowfall (a clipper weather system).  These  squeaky, slow conditions require a soft ski to spread out a skiers weight over the length of the ski and a "Super Fine" structure to maximize glide.
For more info on Cyclova XC Racing Service's world class stonegrinding service, check out our SKI SERVICE page.

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