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SKI TRAIL PROFILE: Jay Cooke State Park

51k of pristine classic tracks await you at Jay Cooke State Park!

Just south of Duluth, MN is an under utilized gem of a ski trail.  Many of you may know Jay Cooke State Park for it's great hiking and summer time camping.  You should also know it as a premier classic ski trail!

Jay Cooke State Park is nestled just south of the planets biggest body of fresh water - Lake Superior.  The raging St. Louis river flowing through the park valley, comprised of horizontal slabs of volcanic rock, eventually flows into Lake Superior.  Being in Jay Cooke State Park is certainly a memorable true north woods experience!

Recently, we checked out Jay Cook State Park's trails and were thrilled to find absolutely perfectly prepared classic tracks covering the extensive 51k trail system.  There is much fun terrain in this park, but the trails are laid out in a way such that they flow very well and are a joy to ski.

Skiing over the suspension bridge from the trail head to access the trail provides a great view of the extreme glacial and volcanic terrain of the area.
Following are the basic things that you need to know about the trails at Jay Cooke State Park:

Location: Just south of Duluth, MN off of Interstate 35.  Exit Interstate 35 at the town of Carlton and go east on Hwy 210.  Click HERE for the Google Map.
Trail Distance & Technique: 51K of trail, all groomed for classic skiing only
Terrain: There is a wide variety of terrain within Jay Cooke State Park - ranging from extreme glacial terrain to flat fields.  The trails are laid out very well such that even the hilly loops are easily skied by any skier.

Grooming:  Grooming is done by the Minnesota State Park Service.  Generally, the trail is prepped to be in prime shape for weekends, which are the park's highest traffic days.  However, the trails are maintained for mid week users as well.  The park employees here are obviously passionate about skiing and taking their time to perfectly sculpt the 51k of classic tracks within this park!

Lighted after dark: No lights

Fees: No trail fee is required, but you will need either an annual or day Minnesota State Park vehicle sticker.

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