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SKI TRAIL PROFILE: Two Harbors Municipal / Erkki Harju Trail

The home stretch of the beautiful Erkki Harju trail in Two Harbors, MN.  Note the unique lantern like trail lights!

The North Shore (northeast Minnesota for you non-locals) is literally packed with one amazing Nordic trail after another.  When you go up there on a ski trip, the challenge is not to find a trail, rather which amazing trail to go ski at!

We recently did an evening ski, just before dusk at the Erkki Harju / Two Harbors Municipal Ski Trail.  Looking on the map, I saw that it was on the local golf course, so I honestly had low expectations.  However, upon getting out on the trail, I realized that the trail circumnavigated the golf course through the beautiful north woods surrounding the golf course.  In fact, there is very little time spent out on the golf course.

This trail is a beautifully routed 11k journey on the beautiful slopes above Lake Superior.  It is groomed to perfection by volunteers and will vastly exceed your expectations of the municipal trail of a small northern Minnesota town.  This trail should be on every skier's "must ski" list!

The trail head info kiosk...

Following are the basic things that you need to know about the Two Harbors Municipal / Erkki Harju Nordic Trail:

Location:  Lakeview National Gold Course.  Just off of Willow St, on the northwest edge of Two Harbors, MN.  Click HERE for the Google Map.

Trail Distance & Technique:  11K of trail, all groomed for skate and classic

Terrain:  A wonderfully flowing mix of gradual ups and downs.  Challenging enough to get in a great workout, yet skiable for anyone. 

Grooming:  Grooming is done by a great group of local volunteers.  The trail is consistently in great condition based on the trail reports I see.  In fact when I recently skied there, over 12 inches of snow had fallen the day prior.  A volunteer was out grooming and had taken many laps and done a great job of packing down the trail.  Every lap when he saw me, he asked how firm the trail was and what I thought of the grooming.  It's rare to see a volunteer groomer as passionate as this gentleman was.  Thank you!

Lighted after dark:  Yes, a 1.5k loop is lighted with great little lantern like bulbs on the top of `4 foot posts.  Skiing after the lights turn on feels like you're doing a candle light ski!

Fees:  No fee is required, but be sure to drop off a donation in the donation box at the trail head.  Maintaining and grooming a trail is hard and costly work!

The beautifully groomed track at dusk out on the trail in Two Harbors!  Amazing!

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