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Stonegrinding Season = Busy Times For Cyclova XC!

Frank has been grinding batches of skis weekly, and will continue to do so through ski season!

Cyclova XC Racing Service is up and running and has now been grinding weekly batches of skis for the past 6 weeks!  We've been seeing weekly batches ranging from 5 to 22 pair per week with many local customers, as well as customers shipping skis from both the east and west coast - from National Champions to first timers.

My over 13 years of grinding experience at a range of levels from retail, to doing industry work, to working with US Ski Team Athletes is resulting in a truly world class result for Cyclova XC Racing Service customers.  Our custom Wintersteiger Micro 100 machine offers a greater range of structure options than any other Nordic specific machine in Wisconsin - this is particuarly evident with our Cold Super Fine Grind, which is the finest cold stoneground structure available in the Midwest.

I will continue to grind skis on a weekly basis for the rest of the season through the Birkie and then based on demand after that.  Now that we're in the heart of race season, make the most of the time and financial investment you've made in your skis and training by having Cyclova XC grind your skis.  Our 3 stage grinding process and post grind finishing process ensure a hair free and race ready base.  In fact, a hair free freshly stoneground ski base is able to absorb far more ski wax than a "weathered" ski base.

With our several drop off locations throughout the region and the option of shipping your skis to us, we make it easy to have your skis ground.  We grind one batch of skis late each week, so if you have your skis to us by Wednesday evening, they will be done by the end of the weekend for you.  Maximum turn around time is 10 days, but usually it is only a couple of days.  Click HERE to view our Stonegrind Brochure with full info on drop off locations, our menu of structures, and much more information.

Feel free to contact Frank directly with any questions.  I look forward to talking ski tech with you and helping you and your skis reach their speed potential!

Frank Lundeen, Co-Founder - Cyclova XC
Phone:  651-734-8670

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