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When Work Costs You Skiing Time

Man! Today is the Mora Vasaloppet, one of the greatest ski races in the universe, and I'm not going to be able to head out and do it, or even spectate. The fact is that I'm just swamped with things to do lately and I have been scrambling like de-clawed cat on a frozen pond.

I couldn't make it up there to do the Pre-Birkie (which is one of my all time favorite races) and I'm starting to be a little bit concerned over whether or not I am going to finagle the Birkie as well.

Don't be too concerned about that last one, somehow the Birkie generally finds a way of being.

Still, it's disheartening when you put in all the hard work in the sub zero races of January, only to have all your time evaporate when skiing actually starts to be rocking fun in February.  But that's life, sometimes it gets in the way.

To all the CyclovaXC skiers who participated in the Mora Vasaloppet or the Pre-Birkie, I'd like to offer you a big congratulations! If you have any pictures or good stories, you know where to send them!

1 comment:

  1. Pre-Birkie was fun, light snow 11 degrees at the start and so much fun. Ski's ran well except on the downhills where I was getting passed. It was the best I've felt for the past 3 pre-birkies. Nice to ski in not so cold temps. Great turnout!!