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Another Bizarre Running Trophy

The other day I wrote an article about Bizarre running trophies. Well, here's a picture of another one.  At first glance, this one isn't too strange.  It's a runner after all, and the fact that it's also a bobble-head doll makes it more or less appropriate for a running event.  However, there's just a weird combination of things going on with this trophy.  First of all there's the pseudo-doll faced oversized head.  I mean, the expression on that thing is just weird.  It looks more like a toy baby than it does a runner...and the fact that that particular head is shoved onto an otherwise more or less correct body gives this statue a pretty solid strange rating.

The big baby head/tiny runner body conundrum would be bad enough if the whole statue weren't painted pewter.  I don't know about you, but the second I look at this thing I can't get C3-PO out of my head, which is all the more weird since C3-PO is GOLD and not Pewter color.

Frankly, this whole bobble head statue thing just freaks me out.  I'd much rather have a statue of a rabid coyote in my bedroom staring at me with fiercely bared teeth.  At least you KNOW that thing would be coming for you...I'm much more squeamish about cute looking things that sneak up on you and try to catch you unawares.

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