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Be the Bear Eddy!

Yesterday was The Great Bear Chase up in Calumet if I'm not mistaken (man...I need to DO all these races next year, I can't let life keep getting in the way like it has been...grrrr!).

Anyway, back in the old days when we were the Riverbrook crew, we had a couple nice little races up at Calumet. There was one year that I was trash talking Tommy pretty good because he was so furious up at the Birkie that he had his poles off for the last 5 Km or so and didn't get his typical top 50 finish.  I liked giving him a hard time (for motivational purposes), and we were jawing at each other all night only to have our skis completely break down on us up at Calumet.  I mean we had SLOW skis, so slow that Tommy just pulled off the course and waited for me (so we could continue trash talking each other rather than actually race).  Tommy's skis were so slow that I actually started screaming at him in anger for having such slow skis...hehehe...he didn't quite know how to take that.

Well, we always used to head up to Calumet with Eddy who always said that one day he was going to "Be the Bear."  I think he meant he was going to buy a bear suit and be the mascot of the race and maybe just jump out of the woods or something at the skiers.  I still think he should do that.  I'll pitch in for the bear suit (actually, I already have a Chewbacca mask...that'd probably work).

Hope all of you who did the Bear Chase had a great one!

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