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Birkie Injuries?

Yes, injuries as severe as a broken leg happen at the Birkie...

While injuries are common in sport, they are relatively unusual in XC skiing - but the Birkie is no normal race...

Think about it.  The Birkie is the highlight of the year for many skiers.  We look forward to it all year, we train for it all year, we pay hundreds of dollars months in advance to be a part of it.  This is the one race that many skiers go all out for.  In the end, people put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well at the Birkie.

With this being my 6th Birkie (I think), I've never left the Birkie with an injury, until this year.  It seems that after doing the Birkie Classic, I have a type of overuse injury in my left forearm.  It feels much like shin splints, except in the arm.  It is particularly painful when moving my fingers (such as now when I'm typing up this article).  I believe this may have been due to the fact that I skied the last 20k of the race with a loaner pole on which I wasn't used to the strap system (as I broke a pole mid race, but that's a whole other story).

So to help along the healing process, I finally got around to getting an aggressive massage today, which was painful in the moment, but seems to have loosened things up.  I'm also taking some ibuprofen and icing it.

We know of several others who sustained injuries at this year's Birkie:
  • Friend of Cyclova XC, Dennis V in Rice Lake, WI crashed during the race and broke his leg
  • Cyclova XC Member David K from Frederic, WI sustained frostbite on his face (along with hundreds of others)
  • Friend of Cyclova XC Doug B joined the elite Birchleggings club.  It costed him frostbite on his face, 2 fingers, and he got stabbed with a ski pole
  • Garrott Kuzzy gets honorable mention as the unpleasant surprise of appendicitis kept him from participating in the race that has been so elusive to him over the years (the Birkie)
So there is my story and the stories from a few others who have reached out to us to share their Birkie experience with us.  

Share your Birkie story (or injury story) with us (hopefully you came through injury free).


  1. I was crushed by Krenz. Does that count? Nice race Tommy. You were crankin'.

    Jay W.

  2. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your comment! You guys were both crankin' (as per usual)!

    You should consider joining up with Cyclova XC - we'd love to have you! I think we have a suit left that would fit you if you happen to be interested.

    In any case thanks for reading and for your comment! Enjoy the great March skiing!


    Frank L

  3. Thanks for the invite. I really like the old Riverbrook clan but Joe's bought a boatload of suits and warmups this year, so I'm flying those colors. Tom was right when he said he was coming back this year....and it wasn't a slogfest. The boy can ski.