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The Great Melt

Actually I took this picture right around the first snowfall, so it's a complete lie, but still, it kind of looks like that outside right now.  The only difference is that there is about a five inch deep river running right through the middle of my back yard.


This has been a weird week.  For a moment there, it kind of looked like the snow was about to go away completely and we could start thinking about lubing up our bicycles and pulling on our awesome CyclovaXC team kits, but then a massive snow storm hit.

Man...I don't know what effect that storm had up in your neck of the woods, but here in Chippewa Falls it was nasty!  The whole thing started with rain, which is never a good way to start a snowstorm because everything becomes encased in ice.  I couldn't even get into my car the other day, I had to chip at it with a rock hammer for about twenty minutes before I could even find the keyhole.  Once it had rained enough, it began to snow and POOOF! just like back the massive towering mounds of white stuff were littered all about the streets, plugging up every dark little nook and cranny the road clearing guys could make for them.

Well, the only good news is that even when it's only hovering around 30 degrees, the March sun is warm enough to just fry that snow right away.  

Man...Wisconsin has a strange climate when you really sit back and think about it!

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  1. It's just as weird here in Idaho. Sun Valley saw just 3" of snow for a 5 week period in January and Early Feb. Now it's been snowing ever since I cam home from the Birkie, 3-4 feet was on the ground in the northern part of the valley Monday morning. It's still snowing. Good thing for the distance nationals (today) and Super Tour finale this week. We were worried about conditions awhile back. Today Mr. Freeman broke away from the pack on the very challenging Lake Creek course with a few km. to go and won easily over a very strong field. Lots of great racing yet to come this week!!