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It Takes as Much time to Make 5 Sandwiches as it Does to Make 1

Too much of the time, athletes are worried about what they eat.  Sure, it's fine to kind of watch calories, but people take this whole thing to ridiculous heights of stress and anxiety.  I suppose that's probably because if you do the Birkie at 220 lbs you're in for a LOOOOONG day of utter torture, but the way I see it, it's better to torture yourself for just that day rather than every other second of every other day that passes throughout ski season.

Ok, I'm being a little flippant.

What I'm trying to get around to saying is that although you need to watch what you eat, sometimes you also have to keep your eye out for the lesser of two evils.  For example, white bread probably isn't the best thing to stuff into your mouth.  You'd be better off stuffing in some white rice or quinoa, or corn or something.  However, white bread is pretty frickin' convenient, so sometimes that earns you a point or two as well.

My big thing is avoiding that midnight hunger that tricks you into some really bad nutritional choices.  For example, there are times when you think just a couple of packets of GU are going to be enough for your 3 hour ski, only to find that you just HAVE to stop off at Pizza Hut on the way home because you're FAMISHED!!!

That pizza is the thing you need to avoid (unless it's Coop's Pizza...then by all means indulge yourself).

My trick for last year was to make myself a whole bunch of semi-healthy sandwiches early in the week.  My line of thought was that it takes the same amount of time to make five turkey sandwiches instead of one, so why not do that and have a fridge stocked with...although admittedly not the best food choice, at least it was a step up from the worse?

So yeah, every week I made up my five turkey sandwiches and I could grab them when I was famished.  As you can see in the picture, the turkey sandwiches make an effective blocking wall to keep me from getting at the beer.  The baby formula/breast milk to the right, however, is unprotected (I tried the formula once...no wonder babies cry so much...it's nasty).

Oh, just as a final note, I don't recommend eating the sandwiches two or three weeks later.  5 days and 5 sandwiches seems to be the limit.

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