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Kids Having Fun On Skis!

The author's daughter loving skiing for the first time at 20 months old with Mommy and Elmo lending a helping hand!

As a life long Nordic skier, I have to admit that when my little 2 year old daughter asks to go skiing or go play out in the snow - it makes me extra proud of her. 

January of 2010, my daughter was 20 months old.  We just had a big melt down and it was perfect crust skiing on the lakes around my neighborhood.  There is no better time to give skiing a try than on a semi-firm crust, so we thought we'd see how my 20 month old did her first time on skis.  I figured worst case scenario, it would be a fun outing of making snow angels.

We got out to the lake, strapped her little skis on to her boots, Elmo in her hand, and she started walking all around on her skis!  To our amazement, our 20 month old was skiing!  She was even more excited than we were, using her limited  20 month old vocabulary to talk about how fast she was skiing.  We wanted to keep it fun for her, so we helped her along from time to time, pushing her along  - all while she would yell "faster, faster".  

In total, this first ski outing lasted roughly 15 minutes - but it was a very memorable 15 minutes for both my daughter and her parents!  Ever since then, she frequently talks about how she "is a fast skier" or "skis fast like Daddy".  

The author's daughter skiing January of 2011 - obviously with improved technique and of course having fun!
We have made it out several times since then and the priority is always to have fun.  If she wants to ski along by herself, that is what we do.  If she wants to be helped along, that is what we do.  If she doesn't want to ski and would rather play in the snow, that is what we do.  Fun is key and is what keeps us all coming back!

Adults are big kids, and kids are little adults - whether you are a kid or an adult it is important to make sure you're having fun with skiing.  Come to think of it, any sport is really about having fun.  

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  1. I have four kids and my youngest is 3 years old, we quickly ditched the strap on skis for the smallest pair of salomon scale juniors. They actually glide. With 4 kids, we have plenty of skis to go buy, the most fascinating part is to actually see our 5 year old score medals with perfect weight transfer, its totally natural for him. Kind of impressive. The last thing to do between 2-4 is to give them poles, they are a big nuisance to the learning curve.

  2. Frank - one of my most favorite days skiing was on Cyclone Lake on corn snow when you lived in Spooner - fast and flat ...