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The Lake Wissota Loppet is Coming Up!

You know, it's a shame to pack it in after the Birkie because this is really the best time of year to be skiing.  The temperatures are soaring (except when you race the actual Birkie of course) and you can use all those expensive Fluro waxes that actually go like crazy (I think we've seen the end of Start Green for the year).

If you're looking for something relatively close to home (closer than Calumet anyway), why not check out the Lake Wissota Loppet in Chippewa Falls.  From the look of the course, this one is on the Lake so it should be FAAAAAST.  Also, I'm in the area, so if you decide to come and do this one let me know and we can go and tour the Leinenkugel's brewery afterwards.

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