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Last Call For Stonegrinding--Birkie Wrap Up!--Cyclops 3.1

I know, I know...March is the best time of year for skiing. The temperatures are always hovering around 40, and the sun is high enough in the sky that you feel like you're baking out there on a 40 km ski (kind of). But we have to face the fact that the nice warm sun is hard on our beloved trails, and start thinking about upcoming escapades of awesomeness (that should be our slogan: CyclovaXC Escapades of Awesomeness!).

Well, with the end of the ski season on the Horizon, Frank told me to give a shout out for a last big batch of skis to grind. The skis have to be in Frank's hands ASAP, so if you're in Chippewa Falls or Eau Claire, feel free to drop them off with me. Otherwise, you can use one of our other drop off points. There all listed, along with Frank's wise words, in this link:

Besides that, I'd just like to offer a couple Birkie wrap-up articles. Man...that Birkie was legendary this year. Here are the articles, enjoy!

That's it! See you all out on the snow, and asphalt! Get your skis in for a last Stonegrind (so you can sink wax into them all summer)!

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