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Mom's Special Magic Ski Cookies

Everybody's got their own special magical ski food that saves them from the bonk. If you've all got good ski food stories out there, send them along. For me, one of my favorite ski foods are my mom's special "who knows what's in there" cookies. These things are thick and awesome and filled with home cooked goodness. Even Frank can't eat more than four or five at a time.  

Each one of these cookies has 78 grams of protein (OK, I'm just making that up, I have no idea what the nutritional value of these cookies are...actually, I don't have any idea what the nutritional value is of 98% of the things I eat...but I'm still here so there must be some nutritional value).

You know...maybe I should try to get the recipe for these things (although I don't know if my mom is going to part with it).  Perhaps we could get fifty or sixty good "ski food" type recipes on here and start really getting ahead in our training.

I think we should start with Tommy and his famous Snicker Whip (although besides the Snickers bars...I'm not sure we even want to know what's in that).  We need to coax Tommy into making a video showing us how to make Snicker Whip...I love the way he says it..."SNICKER WHIP!!!!"

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