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Mt. Borah Gear for a Year

Yesterday I got this huge packet in the mail from Mt. Borah (the company that produced all our awesome ski gear) about a contest.  The contest is called "Free Gear for a Year" and apparently they are going to award 20 race suits and jackets for the best ski suit design submitted.

The only downside is that I'm not quite sure CyclovaXC qualifies for this since the language on their page seems to suggest that this is more geared toward High School and College teams (although CyclovaXC might be the only ski club out maybe we're just in a special category).

Well, I've never been one to be deterred by details, and I'm kind of thinking of submitting a bunch of suits just for the sake of designing something a little more fun and interesting.  I was talking to Greg the other day about how great it would be to just be made of money so I could design new and bizarre ski suits for every race.  This contest gives me a reason to whip up photoshop versions of them, so why not?  Also, we've been thinking of doing a kind of "toned down" version of the ski suit (although I hate it when I can't see our members out've gotta be SEEN!).

I'd just like to encourage any of you who read this site to submit a ski suit on behalf of CyclovaXC.  Use any logos, etc., that you want!

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