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Next Birkie, Look For Us at the Wall of Champions!

Hey All,

I've run into a couple people over the last few days who I didn't get a chance to see up at the Birkie.  Although the Birkie is a meeting point for 8,000+ crazy skiers, I think it's ridiculous that there are people I know who I don't see there.  When you come right down to it, the skiing community is a pretty small world, and it's getting to the point where I pretty much feel I know everybody (if I don't know you yet, I'm sure we'll be meeting soon out on the frozen straightaways).

As you might have guessed from reading this over the past couple of days, we pretty much make a habit of getting to the Birkie early!  Once we hit Telemark, we always go to more or less the same spot (we're the first ones there, so we have the pick of the place...we can't sleep on the night before the Birkie anyway).  The spot we sit at is within sight of the wall of Birkie champions (I snapped this shot in the wee morning hours just before I slapped on my bib in that haze of excited desperation and went out to brave the cold).

So next year, make sure you come and find us...say hi and tell me your Birkie stories so I can immortalize them forever on CyclovaXC!

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