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Rambo CyclovaXC suit

I wrote you all a little while ago about how Mt. Borah is having a "Free Gear for a Year" competition to honor the best suit design they receive.  Well, I wrote them a little while ago to ask for clarification, and it turns out that CyclovaXC doesn't qualify.  Essentially they're just trying to help out some local High School teams (which is awesome, and I certainly don't want to be responsible for siphoning money away from High School teams).

However, the idea of a free ski suit got the old wheels turning and I decided that I just had to whip up a proof version of the "John Rambo CyclovaXC Race Suit."  It kind of turned out a little bit like Frankenstein's monster because it's surprisingly difficult to find a picture of Sylvester Stallone on the internet with his shirt off!  I couldn't find a good tanned and oiled one for the front like I found for the back (the back image is from the cover of Rambo III by the way), but rest assured that the  chiseled chest you're seeing IS Sylvester!

My concept was to just include a tiny CyclovaXC logo over the right breast in blue ink (suggesting that it's a tattoo).  The really important detail on this whole suit is that all the people who wear it HAVE to wear the long-haired wig with the red headband as a hat.  Oh, and there's a big knife printed on the hip, I don't know if you noticed that.

Anyway, if I had money to burn, I'd definitely print up some suits like this for the Birkie.  I think it'd be pretty funny to see thirty people skiing along dressed as Rambo...I mean...seriously...that'd be darn funny.

Sigh...well, there's still the lottery!

Maybe I should submit this design on behalf of a local high school.  Wouldn't they be surprised if they won!  I need to get a better image of a ripped chest though, I wonder if I'd break my scanner if I flopped down on it?

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