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Save the CSB/SJU Ski Teams

Hello All,

I just received the following email about a couple ski programs that have been cut.  So, I figured CyclovaXC members might enjoy using their clout to do what they can to restore the funds for these programs.  Here's the email I received with a couple links:

"Can you please post something on CYCLOVA about the CSB/SJU ski teams
being cut.  We are trying to get as much support from the ski
community to show that the small amount of funding it takes to have a
NCAA program is Worthwhile X100 over.  The team was given no options
to maintain NCAA and no opportunity to raise its own funds and self
support.  You can link to the facebook group:

And our petition:

We won't go without a fight!  Or at least an honest conversation with
the administration"

I hope this helps and that CSB and SJU are up and running again soon!

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