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Stonegrinding Last Call: Friday, March 18!

Frank loves stonegrinding and wants to grind your skis - but this is your last chance for the season!  Photo Credit:  Dave Gabrys of Cycleture.com

It is mid March already.  The Birkie and most of the other big races have passed us by.  We've had one of the best snow years on record.  Cyclova XC hope that you had one of your best ski seasons ever aboard the fastest skis of your life!

Sadly, it's nearly time to put away the skis for their Summer slumber - but before you do so, be sure to put them away so they'll be ready to go for you next season!  This definitely means cover waxing your skis before storage and likely means having them stoneground.

Simply put, there is no better time of year to have your skis stoneground than at the end of ski season.  Think about it - your skis may be a bit beat up from the big races, bases a bit dried out from flourocarbon application, and have been skied hard in general.

Stonegrinding your skis before they go into storage is ideal, as they will be ready to go for you first thing next season.  This means a nice flat base for easy waxing, a square edge for good stability, a nice clean structure, and most importantly a fresh layer of base material will easily gobble up the wax you apply.  

Here is some food for thought:  Having your skis ground now, ensures they absorb a maximal amount of wax over the summer.  This is like hotboxing your freshly stoneground skis for the entire summer!  No wonder the skis often feel so fast the first time on snow...

The final batch of Cyclova XC Racing Service Stonegrinding will be done on Saturday, March 19.  This means that in order for your skis to be included on this batch, that you'll need to have your skis to a Cyclova XC drop off location no later than noon on Friday, March 18.  For the full scoop on our grinding process, menu of structures, pricing, and drop off locations check out our SKI SERVICE page and view our full ski service brochure

If you would like any assistance in choosing a structure or in determining if your skis are in need of a stonegrind, please feel free to contact me directly at:

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