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A Weird Ball of Snow

Blackberry cameras are completely ineffective for taking good photos, but I still decided to go ahead and publish this one.  This is from a snow storm back in December I believe (true skiers can look at a piece of snow like this and more or less guess the month and latitude that must have produced it...actually, speaking of that, have you noticed how frequently movie studios use mashed potatoes, or some other artificial white substance for snow?  If you haven't it's only because you've been enthralled by the movie because, trust me, they do it A LOT.  I only notice because the snow they use is so appallingly and obviously not snow that it takes me out of the moment of suspension of disbelief and makes me want to start throwing popcorn at the screen...I mean, what, do they think we're idiots? Real snow MELTS, it doesn't just sit there like it's waiting for somebody to pour gravy on it!).

This snow was sitting on my car one fine December (or something) morning and I just couldn't bring myself to flick it away.  That should be less than a centimeter of snow, but it's just so PUFFY!  Pure powder!

Really, when you wake up in the morning and there's snow like this on your car, you should just call in sick and find some sort of hill to go and play on.  Actually, calling sick should be the option about 330 days a year, there are just too few days when you get awesome snow.

Sometimes, you just get potatoes and no gravy.

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