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Yahoo Publishes My Birkie Article 3 Days Late

I've been messing around publishing articles on the Yahoo Contributors Network just to see if it actually makes me any money.  The good news is that it does...although it only trickles in, but that's always the case with writing.

Anyway, when I write with Yahoo Contributors, I use my alter ego Walter Rhein as my byline (that's the name I use for most of my publishing these days...just because I got sick of people tracking me down).

Well, a full WEEK before the Birkie I wrote a "rah-rah-rah GOOOOO Birkie" piece just to see if I'd get 50,000 hits to CyclovaXC if I linked a Yahoo article to CyclovaXC (it didn't work, apparently the only time you get 50,000 hits is when you mention Charlie Sheen, Tiger Blood, or Adonis DNA).

The whole reason I wrote this piece was to get people to go and SEE the Birkie, and I even mentioned in one of the five or six titles that Yahoo makes you put in, that the race was on the 26th.  Well, the article sat and sat in Yahoo's archives presumably waiting for somebody to proofread it, and by the time it got published it was already March 1st.  So I suppose that kind of wrecked my whole experiment.

Still, if you're curious about the article, you can read it here.  Maybe I'll link to it next year so it won't be completely without value!

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