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BIKE TECH: Fizik Arione Saddle

For many roadies, the Fizik Arione is as close to "couch comfort" as you'll get on your bike.

Finding a saddle that works for yourself is often a challenge.  Typically what works for one person won't work for the next.  Slight differences in anatomy and body position while riding can totally change what one should look for in a saddle.

For men, I've been intrigued by one saddle in particular, the Fizik Arione.  This saddle seems to be a favorite of many road and cross riders, of varying ability levels, shapes, and ages.  This saddle became very popular shortly after being released in about 2003 - I recall that the entire local Pro 1-2 peloton seemed to be riding them back in the day.  Since then, they've offered this saddle in a variety of iterations, different color combinations, etc - and it's only gotten more popular.

I started riding this saddle in 2004 and have been riding "them" ever since.  I say "them" because I own four of them and have them on different bikes.  Obviously I'm a fan of finding something that works and sticking with it, when it comes to bicycle saddles anyway!

There are several reasons I love this saddle, but the end result is that it's very comfortable - I've heard the phrase "couch like comfort" to describe this saddle before.  Following are some of the reasons I love this saddle so much:
  • It's long - 310mm long to be exact.  This allows the rider to move around (fore and aft) a lot on the bike, which is critical to being comfortable on the bike.  Adjusting your position forward or backward is also advantageous based on the terrain you're riding on (slide back a bit on the saddle for climbing, slide forward a bit for hammering on the flats, etc).
  • It's somewhat flexible (but not too flexible), yielding a slight "hammock effect".  The body of the saddle flexes a bit in the middle, absorbing road vibrations and shock.  This further increases the compliance of your bike.
  • Huge fore and aft adjustment range - 85mm to be exact
  • The cool Fizik clip seat bag system.  This is a strapless seat bag that clips into a hole on the bottom of newer Fizik saddles.  No straps - what could be better?  Note that Fizik is the only saddle company to use this system and only Fizik saddles manufacturer after 2007 or so are compatible with this system.
  • The basic Arione weighs in at a svelte 225 grams, with lighter versions available.
I'm definitely a fan and think you should check this saddle out.  Most likely, your bum will thank you!

The top profile of the Fizik Arione.  The length and room for fore and aft movement is evident in just looking at this saddle.

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