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Birkie Registration Now Open!

Hey Everybody!

Well, we've been a little lazy in getting our posts up lately, which is unpardonable! Frank and I are just temporarily swamped with getting the shop set up and all that.  Still, this should only be a temporary delay, and at the very worst we might water things down so that we're publishing every other day instead of every day (but just briefly because...as everybody knows...you can't shut me up:).

Until I have time to go on some other incomprehensible rants about skiing, biking, and running, I just thought I'd give a shout out to the birkie page where you can register for the 2012 event.  It's up and running and there's no time like the present to register (you don't want to pull a Lindsley and be caught scrambling after the cut-off date).

So here's the page, no excuses!

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