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MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL PROFILE: Woolly Trails in St. Croix Falls, WI

The complete map of the Woolly Mountain Bike trail network.  Explore & Enjoy!

Here in the upper Midwest, we are incredibly fortunate to have a literal wealth of mountain bike trails right out our back door.  One of the biggest up and coming trails is in St. Croix Falls, WI.  This trail system was built, is maintained by, and being expanded by the Woolly Mountain Bike Club.  

Following is some key information on the trail system and a few photo highlights:

Location:  On top of "the hill", in St. Croix Falls, WI.  You can park in the school parking lot or ride up the hill on Louisana St from the downtown area.  A trailhead will be established there eventually.  As is the case with most MTB trails, the best way to learn the trails is by riding with a local.  Check out the Woolly MTB Club Facebook Page for ride info.
Trail Distance:  ~7 miles of single track available all season, with many additional miles of connecting double track, limestone trail, and blacktop bike trail connectors.  On race day, there is an 8+ mile loop of mainly single track and double track.  New trails are also being developed.  A trail map is pending...
Trail Maintenance:  The singletrack is maintained by the volunteers of the Woolly MTB Club.  They do a great job of keeping the trail clean of debris - even blowing off the leaves in the autumn months.
Difficulty Level:  The St. Croix Falls Woolly Trails have something for EVERY level of rider.  One can start out riding the grass, limestone, or even black top bike trails.  For more advanced riders, the single track and sections of double track will challenge any rider with challenging terrain, tight corners, rocky sections, and log piles.  See the below photos for examples of many of these great trail sections.

Woolly Mountain Bike Trail

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The Woolly Mountain Bike Trails in St. Croix Falls are the stuff of dreams for mountain bikers.
One of the many sections of double track that connect the wooded single track sections of the Woolly Trails.
One of the beautiful sections of black top trail passing through the Woolly MTB trail area.

The Gandy Dancer State Trail runs along the east edge of the Woolly Trails and can be accessed in a variety of places from the Woolly Trails!

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