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An Old Ad For Fischer Revolutions

I stumbled across this ad for Fischer Revolutions the other day and it kind of kicked the old cobwebs out of my brain and got me thinking.

Wasn't it the case that about 10 years ago Fischer launched a line of super short skis called "Revolutions?"  Is that what this is, or am I completely crazy?

The thing is, I vaguely remember seeing people skiing up at the Birkie trail around the fish hatchery on tiny little skis that looked absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, it seemed kind of cool and all at the time, but those short skis just don't give you any glide over the long haul (although during the opening kilometers of the Birkie, short little skis could probably save you quite a few entanglements).

Ok, I just checked on ebay and there weren't any "Fischer Revolutions" available here...however that image of Napoleon with a 147 cm ski wasn't conjured out of thin air.  Is there anyone out there who owned a Ski shop in the 90's who can tell us the Fischer Revolutions story?


  1. So I don't own a ski shop BUT I still have my Fischer Revolutions and I remember it well. My first Kortie was in '93 and I remember them announcing throughout the morning of the Birkie that they did not have any clarification as to whether or not it was "legal" to ski on the Revolutions. They worried that someone might have won the Birkie on skies that gave them an unfair advantage. In the end the winner was not on Revolutions but the excitement around these short skies blew up.

    My Dad said that if I finished the Kortie (I was 13 and we had no idea what the hell I just signed-up for) he would buy me a pair of those "Fisher Revolutions." Sure enough, I skied the Korte in just under five hours (that was when the Korte finished at OO) and we drove right to New Moon to check them out. By the end of the season I had my first pair of Revolutions and skied two Korties on them.

    I still have those same pair of skies and they are the ones I give to friends who don't have skies and want to get out and try it. Seriously, the things are made out of some bullet proof material. For awhile the skies turned into a fun pair of stunt xc skis because you could pull of some sweet tricks that you wouldn't be able to on 190 cm skis. Just sayin.

  2. Awesome comment Aaron, that's exactly the kind of memory I was hoping for!

  3. I still have a couple pair of them, some skate skis and some Crowns which my wife, who is very short, uses occasionally. I haven't used them in years. wanna buy them?

    1. Do you still have any of the revolutions? I have a pair, but the base is not very good any more so if you have some with a nice base I am interested in buying.

  4. Hello Kim,
    We don't have any revolutions, but the Rossignol Zymax is a very stiff ski that we could fit to you with a shorter length. I believe this would be the closest thing to a Fischer Revolution that is currently available.