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Training Diary Smartphone Application?

Here's a couple pages from one of my old training diaries.  I can't remember what year it was exactly, but it must have been pretty good because I was over 400 hours at week 43.  

I don't know if all of you use training diaries, but I'm kind of of the opinion that they're a necessity.  Let's face it, we all have too much to keep track of on a daily basis and the training diary helps orient you in your routine.  The very best thing about training diaries is that when you start getting nervous about your fitness the night before the Birkie, you can have a look and reassure yourself simply due to the fact that you've documented 500+ training hours.

Now, the training diary I used to use (the one in the above picture) is the old official training diary of the Australian ski team.  This one was probably a gift from Amy (thanks Amy!).

However, these training diaries are kind of hard to get, and just as I was writing this I thought of a revolutionary new way to keep track of your training.  That's right...somebody who knows how to program for smart phones needs to come up with a training diary application.  It can cost you $1 to download, and then you're set for your training all season long.  The thing can automatically read the date from your phone and simply ask you to type in how many hours you trained and what sport you did.  Once you hit "enter" it gives you a running total of your yearly and weekly training hours.  Wouldn't that be awesome?

I know there are at least two programmers who read this page, so I hope they get on this idea right away.  Perhaps we could even help sponsor the idea, provided they put a clickable link on some prominent spot on every training diary application.

Of course, maybe there already is a training diary application for your smartphone, but I bet it doesn't have all the nice columns and features of the Australian training diary pictured above.  Man, I'm just a wellspring of good ideas, you can all thank me later.

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