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Whistle Stop Marathon Registration Now Open!

The Whistle Stop is one of our favorite marathons and is one to put on your "must do" list!

The Whistle Stop Marathon is a classic event in an epic area.  It is ran by an incredible group of folks who take tremendous pride in putting on an amazing event.  It is a moderately size event with all the perks of a big marathon, but without the production line feeling that one often gets when running a big city marathon.  In short, it's an amazing event on Saturday, October 15 - arguably the best time of year for a marathon (it's 'coolish' outside, fall colors, and it's great ski training).

For all of the details and some fun stories about this race, see our event profile HERE.

Registration just opened up for this event, and this is one that you won't want to miss!  Registration is now at $65, so jump over to their website and register.  Preregistering for a marathon is the ultimate motivation to get out and put some miles in!  

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