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BIKE TECH: Avoiding Kit Funk While Traveling

Washing off your bike kit in the sink will ensure comfortable, funk-free riding while traveling.

Traveling light is a key to traveling in comfort.  Lugging around hefty luggage simply is not anyone's idea of a good time.

Part of traveling light means bringing minimal clothing with on your trip - including cycling clothing. 

If only doing a few pieces of laundry (your sweaty bike kit as an example), simply washing it off in the hotel sink is likely your best bet.  Following is the method I've used a number of times which has resulted in a nice clean kit:
  • Slosh your kit around in some warm water
  • Lightly ring it out, focusing on the chamois in your shorts
  • Repeat a few times
  • Hang up the jersey and especially the shorts to dry (chamois side out) right away after you're done washing them

While this make take a few minutes out of your cycling vacation, you'll be glad to have a nice clean kit the next day when you climb back on to your bike!

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