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Bjorn Selander In The Giro d' Italia White Jersey!

Bjorn Selander (facing camera) and father Dag Selander speak to the media after Bjorn captured the Giro d' Italia White Jersey.  Photo credit to Livestrong

I haven't been around forever, but I have been around the world of road cycling for some time now.  I've seen some amazing Midwest based riders rise from the ranks of the local junior peloton to the national or international stage.  Riders like Matt Kelly, Andrew Broas, TJ Woodruff, and certainly others come to mind.  These folks have all done amazing things, some even including World Champion titles.

One such humble gentleman who just recently stamped his authority on one of the biggest global stages is Bjorn Selander.  Bjorn is a true gentlemen on and off the bike, and an all around great guy whom I've known and raced with since the '99 - '01 era (he was a junior then and I was in my early 20's).  I've  spent time in a couple of breakaways in local races like the Frederic Road Race, Firehouse 50, and others - a true pleasure to be sure - he was always willing to do his share of work and take his turn on the front. 

We cyclists in the Midwest, particularly the St. Croix River Valley have much to celebrate - Bjorn took over the coveted White Jersey of the Giro d' Italia - the best young rider jersey.  He captured the jersey when his team (Team Radioshack) put in a great team time trial in the opening stage, bested only by team Columbia / HTC.  Bjorn is currently in 12th place in the overall General Classification - amazing!

Congratulations on an amazing Giro so far Bjorn!  We're all rooting for you!

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