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Hincapie, Hamilton, and Landis Accuse Armstrong

This last article regarding George Hincapie's grand jury testimony against Lance Armstrong is the the first one that really got me to sit up and take notice.  It's been easy to dismiss Landis based on the fact that the guy has been known to change his position mid-sentence.  Even Tyler Hamilton's accusation was shaky since he's another disgraced cyclist in the midst of his own personal nightmare.  I simply can't imagine the emotional toll of going through a two or three year legal battle that threatened to wipe away everything you've ever worked for professionally.  You've got to think that the pressure is going to get to these folks eventually and that they'd be willing to sell out their own mothers (much less Lance Armstrong) to make the pain stop.

However, for George Hincapie, who has never failed a drug test to my knowledge, to testify at a grand jury that he saw Armstrong doping is...disturbing to say the least.

I've never thought it was right to presume that Armstrong was guilty just by suspicion.  I really hate these "court of public opinion" trials since, let's face it, the public opinion is wrong (or at least easily manipulated) a high percentage of the time.  If Armstrong is guilty, then spend your energies finding the proof, not just smugly declaring your absolute "knowledge" of his guilt without constructing a concrete argument.

Until now, there simply hasn't been any proof.  Even accusers such as Frankie Andreu seemed to have some sort of agenda that went beyond a desire to express the truth.

But George Hincapie?  

Until now, Hincapie has done nothing to suggest that he's anything other than a pretty stand-up guy.  Even if you read the article, they couldn't get a quote from Hincapie confirming the testimony (although he didn't deny it either).   Oddly, there seems to be a kind of melancholy honor in Hincapie's statement which attempts to put the emphasis on the future of the sport of cycling and not the past.

But along with the honor, there is the scandalous implication of guilt, which is what the media is going to pounce on.

Until now, all anybody's been able to produce against Armstrong is the testimony of a bunch of bitter, discredited individuals.

That's not the case anymore.

1 comment:

  1. I think Armstrong should fess up. You can't be competitive in that sport unless you cheat. Not a lot different than steroids and baseball. The feds are going to persecute him. I think the whole sport should be cleaned up. Hopefully they can get past this and the up and coming riders will not use liquid gold or any other performance enhancing drug. The truth will come out eventually..