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The Cyclova XC Facebook Page
The Cyclova XC Facebook Page
Cyclova XC wants you - to "Like" our Facebook Page that is!  You see, we've had both a Facebook Group and Facebook Page since late 2009 now.  We've put most of our energy into the Group and have built that to over 380 people, while our page has 41 people who have "Liked" it.

Unfortunately for us, Facebook has decided to drastically change their Groups, rendering it less applicable to Cyclova XC and other organizations / businesses like us.

So please head on over to the Cyclova XC Facebook Page and click "Like".  This will ensure that you're kept up to speed on the latest goings on in the bike, xc ski, and trail run world - as well as with our new retail store opening up on October 1!

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  1. Really have fun last Friday of the sights and sounds of the 1996 - 1999 xc ski race seasons on the Cyclova XC 17' big screen.