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SKI TRAIL PROFILE: Interstate State Park, St. Croix Falls, WI

The "Point Trail" along the St. Croix River bottoms offers breathtaking scenery and flat terrain for an easy ski.

Here in the Midwest, many of our state parks are truly hidden gems that most Nordic skiers aren't aware of.  While many of our State Parks may not be glitzy destinations like some venues, many of them do offer grooming that rivals any trail with nearly 20k of classic ski trails.  Interstate State Park in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin is one of those parks.

While in the summer this park is a hiking mecca, one of the most popular campgrounds in the Midwest, and a popular hill climb for road cyclists - during this winter, this place is a classic skier's dream!

Wisconsin Interstate Park (note there are 2 Interstate Parks - one on the Wisconsin and Minnesota sides of the St. Croix River) is a truly magical place - it is one of the most beautiful spots on one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.  The terrain within the park is one of a kind dramatic glacial terrain, ranging from massive stone cliffs hundreds of feet high to meandering trails along the river bottoms - and everything in between!  There is certainly something here for all skiers.  As a bonus, the park borders downtown St. Croix Falls, where a wealth of culinary after ski delights can be found at any of the 3 wineries, or other restaurants on Washington St.

Finally, don't miss the amazing Candlelight Ski Event that the park puts on each year in February.

Location:  Park at Interstate Park Ice Age Center, just south of St. Croix Falls on Hwy 35.  Interstate is about 1 hour from Minneapolis.  Click HERE for a Google Map.

Trail Distance & Technique:  19.7k of Classic only ski trails.  There are also several k's of snowshoe and multi-use trails as well.

Terrain:  There is a huge variety of terrain at Interstate.  Beginners can stick to the lower trails including the Point and Quarry Loops - or the Skyline trail from the upper Ice Age Center.  Advanced skiers will be challenged by parts of the Skyline and Beaver Dam Trails while the Bluff Trail will challenge the most advanced of classic skiers.

Grooming:  Grooming is done by Interstate State Park Staff.  Generally, the trail is prepped to be in prime shape for weekends, which are the park's highest traffic days.  However, the trails are maintained for mid week users as well. Trail conditions are generally good to very good.

Lighted After Dark:  No

Fees:  No trail fee is required, but you will need either an annual or day Wisconsin State Park vehicle sticker.

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