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We Need Another Party at the Sawmill Saloon!

I have to admit, these days the whole cycling, running, skiing enterprise is getting to be more and more about the beer and burger afterwards.  However, the common thread that runs through both the competition and the celebration is the sense of camaraderie!

When Frank and I started on this wild CyclovaXC adventure, the first thing we did was have a big party up at the Sawmill saloon.  Actually, Sawmill has been a launch point for a great deal of adventures, and it has always been a good luck charm.

Maybe one of these days we'll have to organize some sort of bicycle adventure that treks from Frank's house to Sawmill and back over the period of about a week (if we can ever get the time off that is).  I feel "The Quest for the Sawmill" would be an entirely appropriate purpose for that kind of wild, self-supported ride (and we could drop off at all the other local bars along the way).


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