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BIKE TECH: Bike Repair Stand - Trail Side Style!

Matt Fisk of the Woolly Mountain Bike Club uses a trail side tree as a makeshift repair stand.

While mechanical issues out on the trail (or road for that matter) aren't the end of the world, they aren't any fun either.  This hassle factor is often increased exponentially by the fact that you may not have the right tool for the job when out on a ride.

One of the most difficult things about trail side (or road side) repair is  trying to hold on to your bike while making the repair.  In all my years of riding, racing, and as a mechanic, I've usually just held the bike or flipped it upside down while working on it.  Well, a few weeks ago on a group ride of the Woolly Mountain Bike Trails, I witnessed a stroke of genius!

Matt Fisk of the Woolly Club unfortunately had a tire blowout.  Without even thinking about it, he walked to the edge of the trail and hung his bike from a low hanging branch.  He then had both hands to proceed in quickly fixing his flat.  We were back in the saddle in no time.  

Such a simple thing, but one that saves much grief and time.  File this one away for future reference.  It will come in handy sometime when out on the trail or road!

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