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Elliptigo: Cross Between Bicycle and Elliptical Machine

A couple of weeks ago, I did the Chippewa Falls century ride with my mom and Neal. Actually I didn't do the century because I'm not in any kind of shape, but I did manage to get out there and do 50 miles.  Mom and Neal stuck it out for 75 I think.  Those guys are awesome, they did something like 4,000 miles last year (if I'm not mistaken, maybe it was 10, I don't remember).

Anyway, on the Chippewa Falls ride we came across this guy who was riding something that looked like a cross between a bicycle and an elliptical machine.  As you can imagine, it was drawing quite a crowd of gawkers.  Using my usual charm, I elbowed my way through all the gawkers and their redundant questions, and started to ask some good questions of my own.

Turns out, the thing is called an Elliptigo and you can check out their web page here.  I couldn't really figure out the purpose of combining running with bicycling.  I asked the guy if this was for XC ski training, and he said it was more for running training.

Ok...but why not just go for a run?

I suppose the logic is that the elliptical machine is zero impact so it's more specific to running than riding a bicycle but produces less impact than actual running.

I'm sorry though, the thing looks just goofy, and people riding it look a little awkward.  On their web page they have a picture of somebody who set up their Elliptigo on a stand and uses it like a stationary elliptical I guess that's the angle you use to sell it.

"Why buy just a regular elliptical machine, why not buy one that you can ALSO use outdoors!  Take it on down to the grocery store to buy a bottle of milk and you're done with your exercise for the day...go green with Elliptigo!"

Anybody interested in buying one of these?

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