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Frank at the Woolly Mt. Bike Race

Frank and I headed up to St. Croix Falls on Friday to get a bunch of business done for the ever-approaching opening date of our shop.  As always, everything went perfectly and without a hitch (seriously I get tired of hearing people complain about things...I mean, life's always been this perfectly easy cakewalk for me so I don't understand why other people have such a hard time).

So once the bank got done throwing money at us, we decided to go out for a little bike ride along the spectacular Mountain Bike trails of St. Croix.  

I've only been on a mountain bike about three times in my life, but I have to say that the St. Croix trails are the type of thing that make you want to sell your house, shave your head, and pitch a tent in the woods so you can start mountain biking full time.  The thing that's so amazing about St. Croix is that there are literally BILLIONS of trails (we counted), of an infinite variety (counted that too).  You've got excellent single track, grass, gravel, and even paved trails.

Anyway, I snapped a bunch of photos with my new Nikon S8100 (which I like but I'm only still learning how to use effectively) and we'll be throwing those up on here over the next few days.  Oh, and for those of you who didn't know there was a race in St. Croix, here's a link to Frank's announcement of it.

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