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A Pro Bike Race - from the side of the road...

Thor Hushovd, the reining World Champion as seen from the side of the road on Stage 4 of the Tour of California.

I love bike racing.  It's always been in my blood.  Spectating at a pro bike race is also a great time, provided you plan your day out in advance (or are lucky enough to have a friend plan it out for you - thanks Dan!).  Click HERE to see our tips on planning out your pro bike race spectating experience.

The rush of a pro peloton flying by only a couple feet away from you is something that everyone should experience.  Very few other sports allow spectators literally a few feet away from the best in the world, as they exhibit mastery of their craft.  As a bonus, it's free!  From the side of the road, you appreciate how fast those guys are really going - you hear their breathing - the water bottles they chuck slide to a stop at your feet - you hear them talking - and you see the grimaces on their faces.  In short - seeing the blood, sweat, and tears of bike racers in person is powerful!

I had the pleasure of watching stage 4 of the Tour of California.  This video shows the peloton rolling through on the first climb of the day.

If you're a bike enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to check out a pro race.  Here in the Midwest, we have just such an opportunity in the coming week as we're fortunate enough to have the Nature Valley Grand Prix here in the Twin Cities.  Come check it out - you won't regret it!

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