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TRAIL PROFILE: Seven Lakes Stower State Trail, Dresser to Amery, WI

Beautiful new signs mark the length of the new Stower Seven Lakes Trail - which is open to cyclists, foot traffic, xc skiers, and snow shoers.

The Stower / Seven Lakes Trail was completed recently, during the summer of 2010.  This beautiful new "rails to trail" type limestone trail travels the beautiful country side between Dresser and Amery, WI.  Many lakes dot the country side along it's length, not to mention the fact that it travels through beautiful wilderness.

From Dresser, the trail gradually climbs out of the St. Croix River Valley, and if heading east from the Dresser end of the trail, you'll find yourself continually pushing hard on the pedals as your climb the gradual grade.  The middle of this trail in some ways, is an area that time forgot about.  Small villages like Wandaross and Nye are along the trail, which both used to be rail road towns - these towns now appear to be quiet little villages that the local have to themselves and the occasional vacationers discover and enjoy.

The limestone surface of the Seven Lakes Trail is ideal for any type of bike and is ideal for preserving snow on the trail during the winter for XC Skiers!

This trail is 14 miles in length, and a great ride in it's own right.  With that said, the master plan is to connect this trail to the Gandy Dancer State Trail, which would result in a 70+ mile continuous trail.  With the additional plan for the Gateway State Trail (in Minnesota) to eventually go all the way from St. Paul to Taylors Falls, this would result in over 120 miles of literally continuous bike trail bliss, with the St. Croix Falls area as the central hub of it all.

Location:  With trail heads at Lotus Park (a few miles east of Dresser, WI) and in downtown Amery at Harriman Avenue, this 14 mile trail connects Amery to the St. Croix River Valley.  Click HERE for the official DNR trail map.

Distance:  14 miles point to point from Lotus Park near Dresser to downtown Amery, WI.  The master plan is for this trail will eventually connect to the Gandy Dancer State Trail.

Surface & Maintenance:  A beautiful, smooth yet firm limestone surface, similar to the Gandy Dancer Trail.  This surface is appropriate for any bicycle (including road bikes, unless it is really wet).  

Terrain:  As this is on a former rail road bed, this trail is generally flat, with a few very gentle grades and is suitable for any cyclist.

Amenities:  There are several rest stops along the Seven Lakes Stower State Trail, most of which include rest rooms, trail maps, and parking lots (a few of them have water fountains as well).  Dining and food can be found in Amery and nearby Dresser (as well as St. Croix Falls).  Nearby bike shops include Cyclova XC and Amery Pedal and Paddle.

One of several rest stops along side the trail feature new rest rooms, bike parking, and water fountains in some cases.

The Lion's water fountain in Amery at the trail head offers a memorable place to quench your thirst!

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  1. This well maintained and beautiful trail has few crossings along its 14-mile length. It is great for kids as they can safely ride for miles without crossing a road. Recently our four grandkids (all under age 10) rode up and down the stretch from Lotus Lake Park to the Nye Store while my husband and I were trimming back brush on the trail as volunteers for the Friends of Stower Seven Lakes State Trail.