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!ANNOUNCEMENT: XC Ski brands to be Featured at Cyclova XC Store!

Cyclova XC's assortment of Nordic product will be second to none - while only carrying best products from each vendor - the products that we use ourselves!

Today, we make a highly anticipated announcement:  The Snowsports brands that Cyclova XC will partner with for the coming winter - and will be in stock for our Grand Opening on October 1! 

We believe it is critically important to offer a deep selection, thus the fact that we will carry the top 4 Nordic ski brands on the planet.  However, more isn't necessarily better - in many cases it's worse.  We have carefully selected only what in our opinion are the very top products from each of our vendors - the products that offer the greatest performance and value to our customers.  These are the products that we use ourselves and believe in.  

We will have the perfect ski to outfit any Nordic skier, from a first timer to Olympian.  Of course, even more important than offering the best product, is having a friendly expert staff to ensure every customer is set up with exactly the right gear for them - and that they know how to use it.  Our goal is to ensure that every customer has a great time out on the snow and embraces Nordic skiing as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Following are some brief highlights of the products that we will be stocking from these key vendors.  Look for more details and specific product information to be published in the near future on CyclovaXC.com.
  • Rossignol:  Cyclova XC will be a Rossignol Race Center - with an extensive assortment of X-Ium Product.  We have also chose to heavily stock Rossignol's entry level Zymax skate ski for beginner skaters as well as their amazing Evo Glade Touring ski - which offers incredible value in a waxless classic ski.  An extensive assortment of Rossignol boots, bindings, and One Way poles will be featured in similar categories to the above mentioned skis.
  • Salomon:  Salomon has been a Nordic industry leader for ages, and they continue to be a leader in innovation!  Cyclova XC will feature a wide range of Salomon product.  We are particularly big fans of Salomon's new Equipe 10 Classic skis, as well as the Equipe 10 Skate and will offer a deep assortment of lengths and flexes of that particular models.  Additionally, a wide assortment of Salomon boots will be offered, ranging from the top of the line S-Lab Skate Pro to the Escape 5 Pilot.  Reminiscent of the old Yoko / Toko 232 System, we will be offering a variety of new Salomon poles featuring their new Cork Click Strap System.
  • Madshus:  I have quite a history of working with Madshus (dating to November of 1998), from bringing the brand to the masses northern Wisconsin in the late 90's to promoting the brand as part of the Madshus Tech Team at expos across the country - not to mention being a Madshus sponsored athlete when I was racing full time.  Madshus has continued to up the bar and innovate, building skis entirely different than any other ski manufacturer - and we continue to huge believers in the brand!  Madshus has done a particularly fantastic job of bringing incredible value to the middle price point model skis - with a whole lot of amazing trickle down technology from their top of the line Nano-Sonic model.  With that said, we will offer a deep inventory of Hypersonic skate & classic skis, Ultrasonic skate & classic skis, as well as boots and bindings to match.
  • Fischer:  My first pair of skis were Fischers, and Fischer has literally been the globally dominant ski for the length of my skiing career.  They continue to up the bar with their new Carbonlite Skate Hole Skis - and we will feature a full offering of sizes in this model - to fit any skier to perfection.  This is clearly a dominant ski, with numerous major innovations that will continue to dominate podiums across the globe - and in the Midwest.
  • Alpina / Yoko:  Alpina has always made fantastic fitting boots - in my own opinion, particularly at their entry level price points.  We will feature a deep assortment of the Alpina T-5 touring boot - as well as the timeless Blazer - which is a 3 pin boot, to support skiers with older skis.   Thankfully, Yoko is now being brought into the country by Alpina - and we will be highlighting what we believe is the best value in a race ski pole on the planet - the Yoko 7100 - a full 100% carbon pole with a quick release grip that will sell for $119!  Additionally, you're not a ski shop without Yoko gloves, and we'll feature the top models of Yoko gloves to keep your fingers toasty warm!
  • Tubbs:  Not skis, but snowshoes!  Tubbs makes the finest snowshoes on the planet, and we'll feature their top models, to help you get out and enjoy the snow!
  • Toko:  Speaking of history, I have some history with this brand!  As a member of the Toko Tech Team from 1999 - 2006, a sponsored athlete, and an in-house employee of the brand from '02 through '05, we know Toko!  Cyclova XC will literally feature all things Toko:  wax, tools, gloves, hats, accessories.  Come and get your Toko on!
  • Fast Wax:  Man, I must be getting old - I have history with a lot of these brands...  As far as history goes with this brand, I've had the pleasure of working with Fast Wax, as the brand manager and buyer of their distributor from 2008 through 2011.  Fast Wax is made in Minnesota, developed by a polymer scientist, and is likely the most rapidly growing wax brand in the country!  Ski on it and you'll be a believer!
  • Swix:  Swix is the unquestionable leader in Nordic wax and poles - period.  Great products by great people - you'll find the top Swix products always in stock at Cyclova XC.
  • Start:  Start is back in the US, in a major way!  With Andy Gerlach at the helm and distributed by Q-Outdoor (which Frank launched for QBP back in 2006 - I know, enough of the history already...), we will stock the key Start products, some of which include:  Start Green (duh!), their new Nano line, select Pine Tar Grip Waxes (Pine Tar is unique to Start in Grip Waxes), and some other necessities.
  • SportHill:  Sporthill is the unquestionable leader in Nordic pants.  Their 3SP fabric and great designs yield unparalleled comfort, warmth, and breathability in Nordic garments.  You'll find a fantastic assortment of stylish and functional Sporthill outer and mid layer pieces at Cyclova XC.  Additionally, for the gentlemen, you'll find their new wind brief made of 3SP, which promises to protect the vulnerable male anatomy from the elements...
  • Smartwool:  Smartwool is the unquestionable leader of the Outdoor Sock Market - including Nordic.  Pull on a pair of their incredibly soft, comfortable, and warm socks and you'll know why!  We will feature a variety of staple Smartwool socks for Nordic Skiers, Cyclists, and Runners (including their new fingered sock, for use with Vibram 5 Fingers Shoes).  In addition to socks, look to Cyclova XC for a wide assortment of Smartwool base layers - tops, bottoms, and wind briefs!

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  1. Congrats Frank. You are going to have a top notch ski and bike shop. I've got a ton of kid snowboarders that come in, I'll send them up there.