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Beating the Summer Heat While Training, Part 1: Hydration

Beating the heat has a simple recipe:  hydrate, electrolytes, wear light colored & breathable clothing, and caution.

Sweaty July weather can challenge the most seasoned endurance athlete. 

As is the case in any training situation, the most important thing is to use your head.  Training or racing in the heat CAN be dangerous, so don't tempt the worst case scenario if you feel heat exhaustion coming on - if this happens, simply stop, get under some shade, and hydrate.

The primary challenges while training in the heat is preventing dehydration,  maintaining electrolyte levels, and dressing appropriately.  

Today, we'll focus on how to stay hydrated while out in the summer heat.  Following are a few tips that can be a lifesaver when trying to stay hydrated while out in the hear.
  1. Drink before you are thirsty.  By the time you actually feel thirsty, you'll be dehydrated.  Force yourself to drink frequently and more than you think you actually need.
  2. Drink what ever goes down well for you.  You'll drink more if you like the way it tastes!  If that happens to be a particular sports drink, or water - just go with it!
  3. Carry your fluids with you in the way that is easiest to drink - as you'll drink more if it's easy to access.  For some people, this means carrying bottles in the cages on their bike, for others this means a hydration pack, for others this can mean a Fuel Belt type device for running, or even just carrying a bottle while running.
  4. If you're going to be out for a long time, plan your route around places that you can get more fluids - or carry more than what you'll need.
  5. Cold fluids will help to cool you down.  Consider carrying an insulated water bottle or hydration pack to keep you fluids cool.

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